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Tragedy for Tryst

Feb 3, 2018

Falkirk’s Tryst Theatre will perform their new play Antigone in the Stirling District round of the 2018 Scottish Community Drama Association one-act festival.

Tryst are performing a new version of Sophocles’ Antigone by Larbert writer Kenneth N. Ross on February 24.

He explained: “The story, written by Sophocles in 441BC, is simple. There has been a civil war in Thebes and Antigone’s two brothers find themselves fighting on opposite sides in the final battle. They both die. The one who fought for Thebes is buried with full military honours but King Creon insists the other brother who fought against the city is to be left unburied. But Antigone wants to bury him as the gods require so the scene is set for a deadly battle of wills.”

He added: “Although it was written some 2500 years ago, it's still fresh and relevant today and the themes are timeless – the all-powerful state versus the defiant individual, the rule of law more important than family and an increasingly paranoid and reckless President showing marked signs of psychological fragility.”

Tryst’s new 45-minute version shortens the ancient story and brings it bang up to date. It’s being done in modern dress and twenty-first century language, complete with mobile phones and tablets.

Director Alan Clark said: “Antigone is Greek tragedy’s most headstrong heroine as she brazenly defies Creon. She’s a woman on a mission with her rebelliousness, her vulnerability and her absolute belief that she is right.”

And he added: “As there is no Falkirk District round this year, we’re very grateful to be welcomed into the Stirling District festival. The town’s Cowane Centre is a new venue for us and we’re very much looking forward to performing there on February 24.”

Rhona McColl is the stubborn Antigone and Brian Paterson is the iron-willed Creon. Other cast members are Craig Aitken, Joyce Baker, Carol Clark, Alan Clark, Craig Murray, Howard Sargeant, Brian Tripney and David Webster.

Tryst are performing at 7.30pm on Saturday February 24. Tickets are available from Stirling’s Cowane Centre at the door on the night.