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Tryst Support Stirling Children's Theatre

Sep 24, 2003

The old theatre maxim is "never go on stage with children or animals". But Stirling-based Krackin Kids Theatre company bravely turned that around, and the talented children's theatre survived the experience of having some aged members of Tryst join them on stage in their latest show.

KK staged The Ragged Child in the MacRobert Centre, and the play requires a number of adults for some of the parts. Director Craig Murray, also a member of Tryst, offered holidays in the Bahamas and other sumptuous inducements to get some of his Tryst pals to help out the kids.

So Frank Murray, Jimmy Cairns, Dorothy Tripney, Brian Tripney, Carol Clark, Alan Clark and Jim Allan rose to the challenge and had a ball playing a variety of roles - from upper class twits to school matrons, judges, cobblers and eccentric Scotsmen.

And Bobby de War and Peter Tripney accepted the challenge of stage managing the musical, ensuring a slick production for the three-show run.

Jimmy Cairns summed up the debacle when he said: "Yes, it was a load of old cobblers!"

Our picture shows the Tryst group wearing their Sunday best.