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Olivia's Make-up Masterclass for Macbeth

Apr 7, 2019

Make-up artist Olivia Robinson is SO talented!

She was delighted to become involved at Tryst in achieving the weird and quirky look needed for the three witches in Macbeth.

Working with the “witchy women” Rhona, Laveena and Clare, together they brainstormed ideas for how the witches should appear. Olivia went off, created some initial designs...and this week at rehearsals went to work on the ladies for the first time.

The result is seriously scary...and combined with the costumes they’ve all come up with, Olivia’s fantastic work will add so much to the edgy menace of the play.

At one point, Macbeth says they look like “Goths on their way back from Glastonbury”...which pretty much sums up the striking effect she has helped create.

Another requirement in the play is for Banquo to appear as a ghost...but with his throat cut. Again Olivia rose to the challenge and created the right look with a prosthesis and some stage “blood”.

Howard Sargeant, who plays Banquo, said: “Getting my throat cut has never been so much fun.”

Olivia, 17, from Hamilton, is studying makeup at West College Scotland and is planning a career in professional makeup for film and television.

With this superb work for Tryst in her portfolio, we’re convinced she’s got a great future ahead of her.

From everyone at Tryst, thank you Olivia for making us look so good...or bad!

The four pictures show Olivia at work...and the final amazing result.

Macbeth, paired with the brilliant comedy PVT Wars about three Vietnam War veterans, runs April 16-19 at Alloa's Coach House Theatre, 7.30pm nightly.

Both plays include strong language.

Tickets, £11, are available online now at