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Death and Deckchairs

Apr 25, 2018

This May sees two contrasting short plays over three nights from award-winning Tryst Theatre at Alloa’s Coach House Theatre.

Kenny Ross's modern adaptation of Antigone brings Sophocles’ iconic story from 441BC bang up to date...and the themes are timeless – the all-powerful state versus the defiant individual, the rule of law more important than family. Rhona McColl is mesmerising as the headstrong Antigone, Brian Paterson superb as the inflexible Creon, and a supporting Greek chorus/cast of eight tell how the deadly battle of wills heads inevitably towards a tragic conclusion. (Please note: this play contains strong language.)

In contrast, John Godber's hilarious and bittersweet comedy September in the Rain takes us on a nostalgic smile-filled journey back to summer holidays in Blackpool in the 1950s - you'll feel the sand in your socks, the rain bouncing off your plastic pac-a-mac...and a lump in your throat at the emotional ending. Carol Clark and Jim Allan are outstanding in this wonderful piece of physical theatre...done with little more than two chairs and a suitcase!

The two plays are being staged on Wednesday 16th, Thursday 17th and Friday 18th May at 7.30pm in the Coach House Theatre.

Tickets, £11 each, are available online now at

Tryst’s “Death and Deckchairs” this May – from serious drama on an epic scale to feel-good intimate theatre that puts a spring in your step and a smile on your face. Click here to book now.