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Meet The Bouncers

Brian Paterson is RALPH.

In two words, sneering menace

He’s into judo.

He’s Mr Inner Calm and he's allegedly big in the pants department.

He’s also the smooth-talking club DJ.

Plus Sexy Suzy with stockings under her dress (she’s brown all over and anyone’s for half a lager but her shoes are killing her).

Jerry on the stag night out (with blackheads).

A Scouser. A toff. A punk.

A Swedish postman in a porn film.

Jim Allan is LUCKY ERIC.

He’s the oldest of the four. The world-weary boss. Can occasionally be tetchy. A bit of a philosopher. Thinks a lot. Sweats a lot too.

The others think he’s past it.
He despises the whole nightlife culture.

He lifts weights to keep in shape.

He also plays Maureen - she’s busty and cuddly. Likes a drink but tends to throw up.

He’s Baz, a bit of a headbanger – he got stabbed last week.

He’s a Swedish female porn star having a shower.

And the late-night kebab man.

Brian Tripney is JUDD.

The youngest of the Bouncers. Thick as mince. Loves the nightlife and the sense of power in his job. Likes a fight and loves to wind Eric up. Favourite food chicken in a basket (no chips). A bit of burglary on the side. Plays rugby league to keep in shape.

He’s Terry – stacks wood for a living and supports Leeds United. His preferred food is pork scratchings, cashew nuts and kebabs (with onions and sauce).

He is also Elaine. She’s very plain.

He plays a psychotic barber and a useless ladies’ hairdresser. Plus an upper class student unfamiliar with the drinking rules of Zulu Warriors.


Alan Clark is LES.

Frankly he’s a bit weird.

Leslie looks like he couldn’t bounce at Mothercare but known to be extremely violent. Lacks self-control. Gets a lot of attention from the ladies but regrets never having had any strange sex. Sympathetic towards gay people. Possibly gay himself but in denial. An expert in the disco’s toilets. In charge of acquiring porn.

He is Kev – nice and cute. Looks young for his age. Enjoys a good night out. Will willingly try it on with any girl but can only pull ugly ones.

He is also Rosie – it’s her 21st birthday party tonight. She’s tall and slim but a bit dizzy. Can’t hold her drink and devastated because her new boyfriend is snogging someone else.

Plus an upper class student. A Scouser. A punk. And two toffs.

Bouncers - fast, frantic and fantastically funny with strong language - will be staged in Larbert’s Dobbie Hall from December 8-10 at 7.30pm nightly.

Tickets - £10 and £7 (concessions) - are available from the Tryst 24-hour booking line on 07597 981 949 or from the Box Office on 01324 715886. - Tryst Theatre is a registered Scottish charity, No SC003303