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Oct 29, 2017

Rehearsals are under way for Tryst's new one-act play for 2018.

A dead brother.
An impetuous sister.
An inflexible Head of State.
A 21st century Greek tragedy of epic proportions – family strife, tyranny and death.

In post-war Thebes, a stark, authoritarian regime has taken over.
Polynices lies dead on the battlefield.
Antigone wants to bury him as the gods require.
Creon forbids it.
The scene is set for a deadly battle of wills.

Tryst’s new play by Kenneth N. Ross brings Sophocles’ tragic story from 441BC bang up to date...and the themes are timeless – the all-powerful state versus the defiant individual, the rule of law more important than family.

In this new, pared-down 45-minute production, the characters double up as The Chorus.

Rhona McColl is the headstrong Antigone, Brian Paterson the iron-willed Creon.

The cast is Craig Aitken, Joyce Baker, Carol Clark, Alan Clark, Rhona McColl, Craig Murray, Brian Paterson, Howard Sargeant, Brian Tripney and David Webster. Alan Clark directs. Sound and lighting design by Jim Allan.

More information about rehearsals, pictures and performance dates and places will follow in the weeks ahead.

Picture of Davie Webster attached.